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By Melanie Goux and James A. Houff

Few disciplines can capture our attention and imagination as effectively as motion graphic design—and few are as seductive both to designers and viewers. Through interviews with the cream of today's motion graphic designers and examples of their work from the turn of the 21st century, this book brings a global perspective to the creative innovations at the cutting edge of motion graphics, and the challenges facing the industry.


Matthias Zentner
Velvet Mediendesign/Munich, Germany
Shannon Davis
Turner Classic Movies/North America/Europe
David Carson
David Carson Design/New York, NY USA
The Designer's Republic
Sheffield, UK

Elaine Cantwell
Spark/Hollywood, CA USA
Adriana de la Puente
TV Azteca/Mexico City, Mexico
Jeremy Hollister
R!OT/New York, NY USA
Daljit Singh & Merlin Nation
Digit/London, UK

Jakob Trollbäck
Trollbäck & Company/New York, NY USA
Jory Hull
Jory Hull Design/New York, NY USA
Richard Fenwick
Unified Systems®/London, UK
Finnegan Spencer
Engine Design/NSW Sydney, Australia

Bill Bergeron & Greg Duncan
Verb/New York, NY USA
Fabrice Gueneau
Dream On/Paris, France
Violet Suk & Martin Koch
Suk&Koch/New York, NY USA
Thomas Chou
Channel [V]/Hong Kong, China

A RotoVision Book
Edited by Erica ffrench
Commissioned by Chris Foges

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